First Black Ops II Multiplayer Info Coming August 7th

 First Black Ops II Multiplayer Info Coming August 7th

Call of Duty fans have been asking for it since before the game was officially announced, but Treyarch is just about set to reveal what you’ve been wanting.  This Tuesday, August 7th, Treyarch will reveal the very first information on the Black Ops II multiplayer.

No information was mentioned on whether this was traditional multiplayer or zombies, but we’d expect at least the traditional multiplayer to be announced.  Earlier in the year we reported on the rumored details for Black Ops II multiplayer, and we’ll be watching to see if any of the information was true.

Fans are also rather anxious to hear more about the zombies mode which is set to have up to eight players at a time.  Could we be seeing a Left 4 Dead style team vs team multiplayer here?  Or has Treyarch cooked up something original that we’ve never seen before?

What do you want to see out of the Black Ops II multiplayer?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Black Ops II in our forums.

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