Minecraft 1.7.3 Bug Fix Patch Notes

 Minecraft 1.7.3 Bug Fix Patch Notes

The fourth title update for Minecraft (XBLA) is almost upon us as 4J Studios has revealed what will be in the 1.7.3 Bug Fix update. Now that we’ve seen the whole pattern, it appears as if the team plans on updating the game, patching it, and then updating again. As for how long this process will continue, we don’t know, however, the same is said for the PC version of the game. This is made a bit more complicated because of Microsoft’s policies, but the understanding is that Mojang has worked out an agreement with the publisher to reduce or eliminate the fees that these updates incur.

Regardless, according to 4J the update will hopefully be out next week if all goes well in certification. The follow bugs/glitches have been fixed.


  • Fix for a crash with pistons at the edge of the world
  • Fix for a crash due to a thread safety issue usually caused by pistons
  • Fix for issue with operating pistons on chunk boundaries
  • Fix for a rendering flicker with active pistons
  • Fix for rendering slowdown due to lighting issues
  • Fix for rain going through blocks (raining indoors)
  • Fix for Marketplace not launching when unlocking skin pack after selecting a locked skin in the trial version of the skin pack
  • Fix for bug allowing locked skins to be selected if they are beside a free skin
  • Fix for misaligned player scores when viewed under the “My Score” leaderboard filter
  • Fix for the constant button press sounds when rotating a character in the skin select screen
  • Fix for the constant sound effect played on the sign text entry
  • Fix for thunder not being audible
  • Fix for third person front view not displaying fire.

For a list of everything that was included in the 1.7.3 update check our previous posts.

How excited are you to be one step closer to 1.8.2. the Adventure Update? Share your thoughts below or in our forums.

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