Darksiders II Receives ‘Nightmare Mode’

 Darksiders II Receives ‘Nightmare Mode’

Are you the kind of gamer that’s always looking for a bit of a challenge?  Are the standard difficulties presented to you in most games not enough to stop you?  Don’t worry, as Darksiders II is presenting an intense challenge for you this month.

In Darksiders II, you’ll be able to unlock “Nightmare mode” once you’ve finished the main campaign.  In this mode, you’ll essentially receive one life.  If you die from combat, you’ll lose all saved data related to that playthrough an have to start from scratch.  Yeah, we told you this was intense.

If you happen to die from falling off of the edge of something or from lava, you’ll be fine.  It’s nice to see THQ take that into consideration as death from combat seems to be the most fair way to go about this achievement.

What do you think about Nightmare mode?  Don’t forget to secure your pre-order bonus for Darksiders II today!  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Darksiders II in our forums.

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