EA: PC Fastest-Growing Platform, More Profitable Than PS3

 EA: PC Fastest-Growing Platform, More Profitable Than PS3

Remember when the death of the PC as a gaming platform was such a hot topic on the internet? Well, according to EA’s latest earnings report, games being played with a keyboard and mouse are doing just fine.

“Just fine” may be an understatement, actually. In the quarter that ended June 30, EA made more money on the PC than they did on Sony’s PlayStation 3. The 360 was the big winner at $292 million, but the PC was not far behind at $276 million. Where did the PS3 sit? Almost $10 million behind the PC at $267 million.

EA CEO John Riccitiello continues to claim that the PC is the fastest-growing platform on the market, and looking at EA’s recent numbers, it’s a difficult statement to deny. Micro transactions stemming from free-to-play games, as well as the 21 million users currently accessing EA’s Origin service have a big part in the platform’s success, but the current graphical superiority may also be a leading factor.

Whatever the reason, the PC is doing wonders for EA.

Do you use your PC more than the consoles attached to the TV? Does this signal a console cycle that’s just too long for its own good? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or head over to the forums!

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