Ubisoft’s UPlay on PC Could Have a Hazardous Browser Exploit


Ubisoft’s use of UPlay and other types of DRM haven’t garnered the company much goodwill from the gaming community. This is especially true among PC users, and there may be a new reason for them to complain. According to a post over at Seclists.org from a “Tavis Ormandy,” a browser plugin which accompanies the UPlay launcher “grants unexpectedly (at least to me) wide access to websites.”

The problem here, according to TechDirt, is that the UPlay software is “installing an accidental backdoor that makes it possible for any website to effectively take control over your computer.”It’s assumed that this problem was not malicious or intentional, but simply a mistake. There’s no official word from Ubisoft, but a new update is available for the PC version of UPlay. And if you have said version installed, it’s probably a good idea to download it.

What are your opinions on Ubisoft’s UPlay program in general? And where do you weigh in on the DRM debate? Let us know in the comments below or over in the StickSkills forums.

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