Xbox 720 Development Kit Photos Leaked

 Xbox 720 Development Kit Photos Leaked

Some images of the Xbox 720 development kit have leaked as a member of a developer forum has attempted to sell the kit for a whopping $10,000. Although initially met with a good amount of skepticism, Digital Foundry has spoken to “multiple developers working on next-gen projects” and confirmed that this is a legitimate kit.

Described as “”an anonymous-looking black box,” the development kit isn’t all that different from a standard gaming PC. While there appear to only be two options on the menu, D3D11Game1 and NuiView, which is a “a simple tool for rendering camera views and data from an attached Kinect peripheral,” the kit is run by Intel CPUs, an NVIDA graphics card, has 8GB of RAM (though other sources say 12GB) and has a 64-bit operating system.

The user was swiftly banned from the forum and the post deleted after an administrator took notice of the act.

Earlier this year, some documents leaked detailing some of the features of Xbox 720.

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