Announcement Regarding E3 2013 Coming Tomorrow

 Announcement Regarding E3 2013 Coming Tomorrow

For the majority of the event’s lifespan, when you think of E3 you think of Los Angeles.  The city has played an incredible host in recent years, even if the quality of titles showcased at the show have been dwindling.

Next year, Los Angeles is preparing to build Farmer’s Field to hopefully lure a football team to move to the city.  The impact that it has on the gaming industry?  This proposed construction would require work on the West Hall of the show, leaving the Convention Center nowhere near its current size.

After a tweet from the ESA VP Rich Taylor, we now know that there will be a rather large announcement tomorrow regarding E3 2013.  It makes the most sense, currently, that the announcement would be regarding the location of the show next year.  Cities such as New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco have all been considered to be possible destinations for the expo.

If E3 were to leave Los Angeles, where would you like to see the show go?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss E3 in our forums!

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