Rumor: Wii U Price Coming in September

 Rumor: Wii U Price Coming in September

According to a report by NowGamer, Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) analyst Jesse Divnich believes we’ll know how much money we’ll be giving Nintendo for the Wii U by this September. “I would expect Nintendo to make some form of an official announcement in September,” says Divnich. “Likely around (but not at) the Tokyo Game Show.”

If this is true, then we may see a similar scheduling of events to what the Wii had back in 2006: a price and date announcement in September, with consoles making their worldwide debut starting in November.

Going on, Divnich also added that “considering the potential for PS3/Xbox 360 price cuts this holiday, it is understandable that they are keeping their cards close to the chest.”

Interestingly, in last week’s episode of Invisible Wall by GameTrailers, Shane Satterfield (EIC of GT) specifically made note of his $299US Wii U launch price. “I have heard through certain channels that is likely going to be the price of the system”, to quote correctly.

Again, if this holds true, is close to the Wii’s 2006 launch price of $249US.

What do you think? Will Nintendo be taking similar steps as before, or will they be doing something different? Let us know below or sound off in our forums.

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