Full House Poker Receives Update – Adds Summer 2012 Season & Avatar FameStar


With relatively little notice, Full House Poker, the “replacement” for 1 Vs. 100 has received an update to the Summer 2012 Season. After the game launched and the second season ended and fans began clamoring for a new season Microsoft said that the Fall 2012 season would run indefinetly. So to all you fans, this comes as a welcome surprise.

The game has also been updated with the new FameStar system which tracks your progress across multiple games. Each title which supports this feature will have weekly and bonus challenges which will help you earn Fame. As you earn Fame, you’ll progress through the six Avatar FameStar levels which will reward you with in-game costumes and other bonuses such as extra luck or in-game currency.

Once you’ve reached the top rank of Star, you have a shot to become a Megastar which will give you the rank of famous and give you special rewards over the next seven days.

It appears as if Microsoft has finally given Full House Poker the legs it needs to keep players coming back week after week. With the new season beginning this Saturday, you can count on me showing up.

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