Fan Art Favorites: Aeonsend – Gears of War: Bring It

 Fan Art Favorites: Aeonsend – Gears of War: Bring It

Starting today we’ll be featuring a different artist each week and displaying a couple of their pieces on the website. This week we take a look at Aeonsend (Lucas) from California who was the first place grand prize winner of last year’s Gears of War Contest which bagged him a nifty $10,000 and more. He’s only been digital painting for around two years which is absolutely stunning, so prepare yourself.

Thanks to Doug for finding this weeks artist.

Bring It

Distant Horizons



And there you have it folks. Which one’s your favorite? Share below or in the forums. If you want to see more of his work, make sure to visit his deviantART page.

Want to get some fan art that you love exposed? Make sure you post in our Favorite Fan Art thread and you could have your pick chosen and get yourself a shout out on the website!


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