Best Gaming Clip of the Week: DayZ Zombie Evade

One of the more popular games out there now is the DayZ mod for Arma II.  If you’ve yet to give the game a chance, then we’d highly recommend joining the 400k and growing individuals currently playing the game.

This week, as part of our Best Gaming Clip of the Week segment, we’re bringing you an awesome clip from DayZ.  At some point in the game, you’ve obviously encountered a zombie when you were unarmed.  Now, there are quite a few ways to try to evade them but this has to be one of the more crafty ways.

There is a good bit of cursing in the video, so we would definitely label it NSFW.  However, it’s hard not to laugh in this not so traditional escape of a zombie attack.

What do you think about this week’s best gaming clip?  What’s one of your favorite memories that you’ve experienced in DayZ?  If you have a video that you’d like to submit, be sure to leave a link to it in the comments below or post it in our forums!

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