Official Achievements for Hybrid

 Official Achievements for Hybrid

Launching next month as part of the Summer of Arcade promotion, shooter fans will be in for a treat.  Giving you jetpacks and chest high walls, it’s an interesting title that any shooter fans has to be intrigued by.  We’ve even included gameplay of Hybrid for you in our forums.

As the release date draws nearer, we’ve uncovered the official achievements for the title.  If you’re looking for a few achievements that should take awhile to earn, you’ll definitely find a few that encourage a ton of playtime in Hybrid.

Continue viewing below for the official achievements for Hybrid.

Top Dog (50 points)
Reach Rank 50 after going Elite for the 5th time

To Victory (40 points)
Win a Season

The Next Level (25 points)
Unlock Rank 1 Elite

The Long Road (25 points)
Complete a Season

Just Taking Orders (20 points)
Complete 50 Missions

Ultimate Sacrifice (20 points)
Achieve 3 kills at once inside the King Zone using Core Breach

Strafing Run (20 points)
Achieve 3 consecutive kills without landing at a Cover

Get ALL the Tiers (20 points)
Reach Tier 5 in all Specializations

Pineapple Surprise (20 points)
Achieve 3 kills at once using a single Grenade

There Can Be Only One (10 points)
Win a game of Overlord as the Overlord at the end of the Match

Fatal Fog (10 points)
Achieve a kill while inside a Smoke-Chaff cloud

Clutch (10 points)
Win a round of Tactics after being the only player left on your team

Specialist Tier (10 points)
Reach Tier 5 in a single Specialization

Snappy Dresser (10 points)
Equip a different helmet for your character

Master at Arms (10 points)
Unlock a weapon from each category

Collateral Damage (10 points)
Achieve 2 kills with a single shotgun blast

Cool Story Bro (10 points)
Get executed by an enemy Preyon while using Taunt

Return to Sender (10 points)
Squad Hack a Preyon to kill its original owner

Half Way There (10 points)
Reach Rank 25

Rock n’ Roll (10 points)
Achieve 50 total kills with your Stalker

Lock n’ Load (10 points)
Achieve 50 total kills with your Warbringer

Slice n’ Dice (10 points)
Achieve 50 total kills with your Preyon

Mission Accomplished (10 points)
Complete a Mission

Power House (10 points)
Achieve 15 kills in a single Match

Basic Training (10 points)
Complete the Tutorial

What do you think about 5th Cell’s upcoming shooter?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Hybrid in our forums.

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