Borderlands 2 Badass System Revealed – Infinite Leveling

 Borderlands 2 Badass System Revealed – Infinite Leveling

Gearbox Software has announced the Badass system, a progression system which allows you to level up continuously which will be implemented in Borderlands 2. The system provides statistical upgrades, leveling up separately from your character, allowing you to carry the bonuses to all of your characters, new and old.

Each time a token is consumed, the game will randomly pick a set of statistics and then prompt you to choose which one to increase. CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford believes that he will see players leveling into the thousands.

“They got to take a risk. They’ve got to spend some money. They’ve got to buy a game. And I want them to feel like, man, the value I’m getting out of this, it’s not only worth the $60 or whatever, I’m getting more value out of this than the last $500 I spent on other video games. We want that goodwill,” he told EuroGamer.

Is that awesome or what? Share your opinions below or in the forums.

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