Let the Steam Summer Sale Begin

 Let the Steam Summer Sale Begin

As any gamer with a Steam account knows, throughout the year, Steam provides its users with some ridiculous sales on various games, often times with little warning and even less discernible reason. For ten days every summer, however, the folks at Steam go absolutely nuts with sales under the apt title of the “Steam Summer Sale.”

Well, it’s here. Let the games begin.

This year’s opening day is already forcing us to face the classic question: we know that we’re going┬áto drop some of our hard-earned dough–that part’s a given–but just what games do I want, nay, deserve at these slashed prices.

Some of the highlights from the Summer Sale homepage right now include Modern Warfare 3 for $29.99, Portal 2 for five bucks, and a plethora of game packs with reductions for 50% to 88%. It truly is a beautiful thing and I insist you check it out.

What games are you thinking of getting? Are there any deals you can’t find but want to see over the next ten days? Let us know in our forums!

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