Max Payne 3 Studio Closing

 Max Payne 3 Studio Closing

Max Payne 3 had plenty of expectations surrounding it and while it found quite a bit of critical praise after releasing in May, its sales were mostly disappointing. The news of Rockstar closing the team who worked on the game over in Vancouver, Canada, may at first seem like a sign of the game’s “failure,” but there’s more to this closure than meets the eye.

The 35 Canadian employees have plenty of options in their current career paths, as a new branch in Oakville, Ontario called Rockstar Toronto has now opened its doors to the former Vancouver residents. The Ontario government has struck a deal with Rockstar that allows the company to create this new studio, as well as hire an additional 50 workers in the near future. It’s being planned as a combined studio, but if the Max Payne 3 developers would rather move on to any other branch of Rockstar, they have that option.

What’s being done for these developers is impressive, but still calls for some location shifting. We wish the best for the entire team as they relocate and continue to do great things.

Did you enjoy Max Payne 3? Do you think the game’s mediocre sales had much to do with the studio’s closure? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or head on over to the forums to talk about Max Payne 3.

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