Wii U, 3DS to Utilise Unified User Accounts

 Wii U, 3DS to Utilise Unified User Accounts

According to a statement made by a Nintendo Customer Service representative, the Wii U and eventually the 3DS will share a unified account system for its users. The statement follows:

A unified account system will be implemented later this year with the launch of the Wii U. Eventually this same account system will be made compatible with Nintendo 3DS systems. At this time we have no additional details to offer and nothing to indicate how or if this will work outside the United States and Canada. In the meantime, if the system has a problem, taking it to an Authorized Service Center will maintain the Nintendo eShop account. If the system is stolen, we can transfer the account to a new system once we are provided with a valid police report.

Of course, you asked this question because of the upcoming launch of New Super Mario Bros. 2 in retail and digital formats. What you need to know is that the digital format will only be available in the United States and Canada. We have nothing to announce regarding Latin American availability.

NoC customer service member, David Marshall

This is good news for those who may be unfortunate enough to end up losing their handheld consoles, as their account information (such as eShop purchases) can be restored. What’s interesting is the process of doing so – it seems the method will prove difficult for people to fake a restoration, as a police report will apparently be required.

Another intriguing piece of information is the assurance that North American regions will see the availability of New Super Mario Bros. 2 via the eShop, specifically denouncing South America’s – and even other regions such as Europe’s – downloadable presence at this point.

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