The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Releasing in August

 The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Releasing in August

With the release of the first two episodes, TellTale Games has a hit on their hands.  Fans from all different platforms have played through each episode and applauded the game for its great story.

Can’t wait for the release of episode 3? Well, you won’t have to wait very long at all.  TellTale Games announced this morning, via a blog post, that the third episode is due out next month.

For many of you, the most important thing is to let you know when the next episode (Episode 3: Long Road Ahead) will be available, and although we can’t give you an exact date at this time, we can say that episode three will be ready in the middle of August, and that we and our partners will do all that we can to release all platforms and regions as close together as possible.

It’s great to see TellTale Games announce so quickly after an episode was released that fans won’t have to wait very long to get their hands on the next one.  With the third episode a little over a month away, fans have plenty of time to play through the second episode.

What do you think so far about The Walking Dead episodes?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss The Walking Dead in our forums.

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