Mojang’s Scrolls in Closed Alpha

 Mojang’s Scrolls in Closed Alpha

Scrolls, the vastly different follow-up to the surprise-hit Minecraft, is far from being a complete product at this time. Yet, like Minecraft before it, Scrolls will be going through a serious amount of testing before release. According to a recent post from the official blog, the first round of players are now officially in the alpha.

The lucky few testing the game as we speak were chosen from the thousands of people who signed up. As of now, these individuals have the ability to build up their deck of scrolls and battle either AI opponents or participate in random matches in multiplayer.┬áThe basic gameplay is the focus now, so while both more players and features will be instituted soon, what’s crucial in this phase is making sure the core is solid.

Do you have any interest in playing Scrolls? Did you sign up for the alpha? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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