Marvel vs Capcom Origins Coming to XBLA & PSN

 Marvel vs Capcom Origins Coming to XBLA & PSN

Fighting fans, there’s a new Marvel vs Capcom title coming to you this September.  Well, sort of.  Remember the Marvel Super Heroes & Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes titles in the 90s? They’re coming back to you in two months!

Capcom announced this morning that they’ll be bringing a compilation of the two titles to the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network this September.

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM ORIGINS offers both the one-on-one gameplay of Marvel Super Heroes with its unique Infinity Gem system and the two-on-two carnage of the original Marvel vs. Capcom®: Clash of Super Heroes, featuring a tag system, assists, and the wild Duo Team Attack. Bringing forth a host of features never before seen in these games, MARVEL VS. CAPCOM ORIGINS features GGPO-enhanced online play with 8-player lobbies and spectator mode, HD graphical upgrades, dynamic challenges and replay saving.

Seeing spectator mode, HD graphics upgrade, and most of the features that fighting fans love come to these classic titles is definitely exciting.  Best part? Capcom is only charging $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points for both titles this Fall.

What do you think about the compilation release of Marvel vs Capcom Origins?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Marvel vs Capcom Origins in our forums.

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