Monster Hunter 4 Details

 Monster Hunter 4 Details

The latest issue of Famitsu has spilled the beans on some details regarding Capcom’s upcoming 3DS adventure, Monster Hunter 4. Hot off the presses of Andriasang, the following is a quick list summarising some of these additions:

  • The game will not have water segments (water was one of MH3’s big features)
  • There will be some new elements surrounding Felynes. You’ll once again be able to take two Felynes out with you on hunts.
  • The game will have new weapons, but these are being kept secret for now. It will also have new armor designs.
  • The game’s story with the greatest number of NPCs in series history.
  • Monsters will make use of the land formations.
  • Under certain conditions, you’ll be able to grab on to the monsters. (I’m not sure if this means you’ll be able to ride the monsters or just latch on to them for attacking.)
  • You’ll be able to make use of hight differences in the stages to perform jump attacks.
  • The game will have a free camera.
  • Rather than a fixed base camp like past Monster Hunter games, your base camp will now move — somewhat like a caravan.

Interesting points to note are the removal of underwater environments, which are a standard affair for the Monster Hunter series. Another that sounds relatively intriguing is monsters making “use” of land formations – could this make certain battles more like boss fights in that players will need to memorise more patterns and aspects in enemy attacks? One more is the mention of grabbing onto monsters, and as the original post points out, no specifics have been given in how this will affect gameplay. Imagine being able to grab onto monsters’ tails and swinging them around, a la Super Mario 64’s Bowser fights. Actually… No, don’t do that.

Going further, Famitsu also points out that the game’s box mentions up to 4-person multiplayer, however doesn’t specify whether or not it’ll be supported online. That said, Monster Hunter has usually been a local mulitplayer experience, so the exclusion of online hunts shouldn’t be too much of a disappointment.

What do you think – is there anything you’d like to see in Monster Hunter 4? Look out for this game when it releases in Spring 2013, but in the meantime you can head over to our forums to chat about it or post in the comments below.

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