Hour Long Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Gameplay Footage Emerges

 Hour Long Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Gameplay Footage Emerges

For those who may not remember, developing studio Free Radical was working on their third installment in the Star Wars: Battlefront series; a franchise that was well received by both critics and gamers alike. Apart from a leaked handicam video back in early 2009 shortly after the game was canned and studio was bought by Crytek, no one had heard or seen anything official about the game since. That is, until now.

The folks at VG247 found an hour long gameplay video which showcases some of the game’s anticipated features, such as its ambitious ground-to-space traversal in real-time. As the commentary in the video mentions, bear in mind that this video was taken from a (very much) unfinished product, which is obvious in its low framerate and other technical hiccups.


Are you as let down as we are that the game never saw the light of day? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the possibilities, or make the jump to lightspeed onto our forums.

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