Call of Duty Online Planned for China

 Call of Duty Online Planned for China

Activision appears to be trying to infiltrate the Chinese gaming market, and they’re spearheading this with something called Call of Duty Online. The gaming giant is partnering with the Chinese company Tencent to bring the storied franchise to new audiences. What the game will be exactly is still a bit of a grey area, but from the description found in a recent press release, it looks to be free-to-play. The press release goes on to explain,

This new model will allow players the ability to personalize their weapons, characters and equipment like never before in a Call of Duty game. Using an in-game store, players can enhance their weapons, gear, and perks built specifically for the Chinese market.

An original story is also teased in the press release, so this may include a fuller experience than the average free-to-play game. There’s no word yet as to what platforms CoD Online will be released on, but the 360 and PC are safe bets.

It’s not in English, but you can check out a teaser site for CoD Online here. Do you think this has any chance of success? If given the chance, would you play an F2P CoD? Leave a comment or head over to the forums to let us know.

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