Halo 4 Details Reveal 10 Maps, Weapons & More

 Halo 4 Details Reveal 10 Maps, Weapons & More

Halo 4 had a rather impressive showcasing at E3 this year.  With the release of the game being only a few months away, fans are clamoring for details at this point.

Thanks to a quiz that was available on Microsoft’s ExpertZone website, more information has surfaced regarding Halo 4.  Information regarding weapons, maps count, downloadable content and more has now been made available.

We’ve listed the new information for Halo 4 below.

  • 10 new weapons; Light rifle: Forerunner weapon carried by Promethean Knights, Scattershot: Forerunner weapon, used for close-range combat
  • 2 new vehicles
  • 10 Multiplayer maps, more maps coming in DLC
  • 50 Spartan Ops Mission, 5 missions a week with 10 weeks being one season
  • Roughly 12 hours of gameplay in single-player or co-op multiplayer
  • Career progression lets you earn new weapons and equipment
  • Improved matchmaking
  • Improved multiplayer to make a more social experience
  • Improves support to create organize and track Group

Seeing 10 maps supported from the start is great, and we’re hoping that 343 Industries puts together a strong downloadable content campaign.  The amount of Spart Ops Missions listed is more than initially thought, and that content will help keep the game fresh.

What do you think about the latest details for Halo 4?  What’s your favorite piece of information that’s listed above?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Halo 4 in our forums.

Thanks, MP1st!

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