TeamBuilder Website Launches for NCAA Football 13

 TeamBuilder Website Launches for NCAA Football 13

With NCAA Football 13 being less than 2 weeks away, fans can start getting creative and assembling there rosters as the TeamBuilder website has officially launched.

Fans looking to see huge changes or overhauls to the feature will be disappointed as no major changes made it to TeamBuilder this year.  However, there are a few different uniform variations as well as new stadiums to choose from.

Taking a look at the rosters, it doesn’t appear to be from a final build.  The rosters seem to be rather similar to last year’s ratings and roster, and a few outdated uniforms are also included for teams like Rutgers and Missouri.  Once EA has commented on the current state of TeamBuilder, we’ll update this post.

What’s your favorite creation that you’ve seen in TeamBuilder?  Do you build up an old high school team, classic college team, or something else entirely?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NCAA Football 13 in our forums.

[Update] The NCAA Football 13 TeamBuilder website has since been pulled and then pushed live again.  The rosters appear to be much more accurate at this point, and seem to be the official NCAA Football 13 rosters.

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