Official Achievements for The Walking Dead: Episode 2

 Official Achievements for The Walking Dead: Episode 2

Attention zombie fans, you’re now able to get your hands on The Walking Dead: Episode 2.  That’s right, as of yesterday, the latest episode in the series was released to Xbox Live.

Wondering what achievements you’ll be able to earn this time around? They’re extremely similar to the first episode’s achievements, so don’t expect any, if much, variety.  But hey, at least you’re getting achievements for playing a cool story, right?

Continue viewing below for the official achievements for The Walking Dead: Episode 2.

Going Hungry (10 points)
Complete chapter 1 of episode 2.

Conversation Killer (10 points)
Complete chapter 2 of episode 2.

Thank You for Shopping! (10 points)
Complete chapter 3 of episode 2.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (10 points)
Complete chapter 4 of episode 2.

Too Much Salt Will Kill You (15 points)
Complete chapter 5 of episode 2.

Taking Charlotte (10 points)
Complete chapter 6 of episode 2.

You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer (10 points)
Complete chapter 7 of episode 2.

It’s Not Stealing If You Need It (25 points)
Complete Episode 2: “Starved For Help”

What do you think about the latest achievements for the newest episode?  If you’ve downloaded the new episode, what’s your opinion on it?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss The Walking Dead with other gamers in our forums.

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