NBA 2K13 to Receive the Dynasty Edition

 NBA 2K13 to Receive the Dynasty Edition

In a slightly strange announcement this morning, 2K Sports revealed that NBA 2K13 would be receiving a special edition.  The Dynasty Edition will be special packaging that includes a few added items for gamers looking to pick up the game this October.

The Dynasty Edition will include both digital and physical items, but you may not be fully expecting what some of them would be.  We’ve listed the entire contents of the special edition for you below:

  • Full retail copy of NBA 2K13
  • NBA 2K13 All-Star add-on content (downloadable token)
  • “Exclusive” NBA 2K13 full-sized basketball from Spalding and Art of Basketball
  • 2K Sports Ink’d earbuds from Skullcandy
  • NBA 2K13 basketball textured controller skin from Skinit
It’s an interesting bundle for sure, and will set you back $100 if you’re looking to pick it up.  The bundle is said to be extremely limited, so we’d recommend pre-ordering it today to ensure a reserved copy.
What do you think about the NBA 2k13 Dynasty Edition?  Are you happy to see the All-Star weekend content finally being included in the game?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA 2k13 in our forums.

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