Valve Unveils the Meet the Pyro Video

 Valve Unveils the Meet the Pyro Video

Earlier in the week, Valve teased the upcoming announcement of Meet the Pyro.  A countdown timer emerged that showcased the video to be unveiled today, and we’re bringing it to you.

The video is pure gold, but you shouldn’t expect anything less from Valve in this video series.  Along with the unveiling of the video, four of the game’s classes are receiving pyro-themed weapons.  The Scout, Sniper, Soldier, and Pyro classes are all beneficiaries of the new weapons.

The Scout will receive a new pistol and scatter gun combo, the Sniper receives a new carbine and rifle, the Soldier receives a bazooka, and the Pyro receives a flare gun.

What do you think about the Meet the Pyro video and new weapons that are being added to the game?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Team Fortress 2 in our forums!

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