Rumor: Half-Life 3 Artwork Hits the Internet

 Rumor: Half-Life 3 Artwork Hits the Internet

Prepare yourself, internet, as another Half-Life 3 teaser appears to be upon us.  While the shear amount of rumors that have been posted in the past few years for Half-Life 3 outnumber just about every other game, a few images have shown up that appear to be artwork for the game.

The images fall in line with the style presented in the Half-Life universe, but it’s tough to gauge if they’re official.  The images were sent to ValveTime anonymously, however.  Judging by their listing of an “unknown source” from an “unknown location”, we’d say that these are more likely to be fake than real.

While the argument can certainly be raised that these are from the Half-Life 2, there are a few things that point to them being made post-Half-Life 2 era. The jacket that Alyx is wearing belongs to Eli, the helicopter in the arctic location, and the pieces of art that feature Xen.

While this art could be outdated from what we hope Valve is working on, we just really want to hear that the title exists.  What do you think of the concept art above?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Half-Life 3 in our forums.

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