Indie Platfomer Gateways out Now

 Indie Platfomer Gateways out Now

Smudged Cat Games, the developer of the XBLA and Steam title The Adventures of Shuggy, has just released its latest piece of platforming goodness. Gateways is now available via the developer’s website.

This 2D platform game follows the protagonist and inventor, Ed, as he tries to escape his not-so-safe┬álaboratory. Spikes and tall platforms will stand in his way, but it’s the gateway gun that will be the true test of his wits. Similar to the weapon in Portal, this gun can help Ed get from place to place with ease; sometimes altering time or changing his size in the process. Nothing’s exactly fully tested in this lab, so if stepping into one gateway turns off all gravity in the room, don’t be too surprised.

You can pick up the game now for just $10, but don’t forget to stay tuned to StickSkills for more information on contests on Gateways.

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