Best Gaming Clip of the Week: NCAA Football 13 Incredible Catch

 Best Gaming Clip of the Week: NCAA Football 13 Incredible Catch

With the release of the NCAA Football 13 demo last week, fans have the series and sport have put in a ton of hours into the game.  The gameplay feels smooth, and it’s done nothing but heighten the excitement for the release on July 10th.

Earlier in the week, we stumbled upon one of the most incredible catch animations we’ve seen in any football game.  EA SPORTS stated that they were working on pass trajectories and catch animations, and while some may take it as fluff, this week’s clip proves there’s substance behind what they’re saying.

YouTube user drlw322 started up a game in the demo between LSU and Alabama.  On a deep pattern into the endzone, his receiver made a catch that most collegiate receivers can only dream about performing.  Rather than spoil the magic, watch the video below to witness the incredible catch.

If you’ve yet to pre-order your copy of NCAA Football 13, there’s an incredible deal running for only $44.99.  There’s still plenty of time to secure your copy on either console to ensure release date delivery!

What do you think about this week’s clip?  If you’ve tried out the demo, what are your impressions of it so far?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NCAA Football 13 in our forums.

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