Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Launching Next Tuesday

 Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Launching Next Tuesday

For Mass Effect 3 fans, this upcoming Tuesday will hopefully answer all of your questions.  After beating the third title in the series, many fans have had a ton of questions concerning the ending of the game.

BioWare happily announced today that the “Extended Cut” DLC for Mass Effect 3 will be available as of Tuesday, June 26th.  The download will be available to the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in North America.  Unfortunately for Playstation 3 fans in Europe, you will have to wait until July 4th to receive the downloadable content.

Most importantly, the Extended Cut” DLC will be free for all that download it before April 12th, 2014.  Even though it’s free, don’t expect it to be a rather small file.  BioWare informed gamers that the downloadable content will weigh in at 1.9GB for all those that are looking to download it.

If you’re looking for the downloadable content to change the endings, then your heart may hurt a little.  The Extended Cut DLC is meant to expand on the current endings, and not fundamentally change them.

The Extended Cut is an expansion of the original endings to Mass Effect 3. It does not fundamentally change the endings, but rather it expands on the meaning of the original endings, and reveals greater detail on the impact of player decisions.

Keep in mind that in order to experience the DLC, you’ll need to load your game before a specific sequence in order to properly trigger it.  If you’ve already beaten the game or come rather close to doing so, you’ll need to follow the method outlined below.  Please keep in mind that there are SPOILERS below.  Please DO NOT read below if you have not finished the game.

To experience the Extended Cut, load a save game from before the attack on the Cerberus Base and play through to the end of the game. The Extended Cut endings will differ depending on choices made throughout the Mass Effect series, so multiple playthroughs with a variety of different decisions will be required to experience the variety of possibilities offered by the new content.

What do you think about the Extended Cut DLC launching next Tuesday?  Are you planning to download the DLC, or have you moved on to other games at this point?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Mass Effect 3 in our forums.

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