Call of Duty MW3 June DLC Video Preview


Today Modern Warfare 3 Elite members will be able to download three new maps for the game mode Face Off and one new Spec Ops mission called Arctic Recon. The three Face Off maps included in the DLC are: Intersection, U-Turn, and Vortex. Below is a single match on each of the maps to give you a preview of the content.




Spec Op Mission – Arctic Recon

Achievements related to the Spec Ops mission is as followed:

  • Stay Frosty – Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission on any difficulty.
  • Dr0n3d – Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission in under 3:30
  • Sub Zero – Complete the “Arctic Recon” Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.
  • Let us know what you think of the three Face Off maps along with the Special Ops mission and if you will be playing them today as part of the Elite subscription or if you will hold off to download them at a later date. Leave a comment below on which is your favorite map of the DLC or start the discussion in the Call of Duty forums!

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