Wii U to Launch in Two Different Colors

 Wii U to Launch in Two Different Colors

The black Wii U hardware was on full display during this year’s E3, but if a recent Best Buy listing is to be believe, it looks as if the console will launch in two different colors.

The gaming world is pretty accustomed to the bright white of the original Wii, so it only makes sense to launch the Wii U in that same color. Pictures and listings of the console itself have actually been quite scarce due to Nintendo’s focus on the controller itself and a lack of a release date, but this may be a sign of retail getting some new information from Reggie and the crew on when we’ll actually be able to buy the thing.

Which color Wii U will you be purchasing? Does the console appeal to your gaming needs? Let us know what you think  in the comments below, or head over to the Stick Skills forums to discuss the Wii U.

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