Medal of Honor: Warfighter Stole the Show at E3

 Medal of Honor: Warfighter Stole the Show at E3

With the reboot of the Medal of Honor series in 2010, the first entry in the new portion of the series left quite a bit to be desired.  The single player campaign was paced rather slow and had enemy AI that literally wanted to be shot, providing little resistance.  While the campaign had its faults, it did provide what felt like an authentic military experience.

Fans were excited to get their hands on the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor, but soon found out it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for in a shooter.  All of the modes within the multiplayer experience ultimately felt like a watered down shooter.  The three classes provided for the multiplayer experience and poorly implemented support actions left a bad taste in gamer’s mouths, especially mine.

Fast forward to the last day of E3 this year, and you’ll find me standing in line for Medal of Honor: Warfighter with only about 30 minutes left in the show.  I didn’t have high hopes for the sequel, but wanted to ensure I was able to get hands-on time to see how the series was progressing.

As I made my way into the briefing room for the multiplayer session, the person beside me brought up that he had already played the demo three times today.  It took me roughly 30 minutes to make my way through the line, and this guy had already performed that same task three separate times today?

As the video played, the game’s producer, Greg Goodrich, peaked from behind a curtain to gauge how our group was reacting to the video.  Much to Greg’s satisfaction, I’m assuming, the wide-eyed looks on our faces soon put a smile on his.

Finally making our way into the room with Medal of Honor: Warfighter, we were informed that the game was being demoed on a PC.  Given the opportunity to use a controller or mouse and keyboard, I quickly grabbed the controller due to my familiarity with consoles over the PC.

What ensued for the next 20 minutes was absolutely euphoric.  Making my way through a map I had no previous knowledge, let alone the controls, the experience quickly felt “familiar”.  I jumped from class to class, and felt that I was instantly recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each group.  In a room of anxious shooter fans, everyone worked their way to capturing the objective and winning.  Though my team lost the match, it was a rare feat to see everyone work towards the objective and not just a mindless team deathmatch mindset.

After seeing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, new Battlefield 3 content, and a plethora of other shooters on the floor my only concern is this October.  Why? Because that’s when I’ll be able to get my hands on Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the most impressive game for me at E3 2012.

From the footage you’ve seen so far, what do you think of the game? Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter for exclusive pre-order bonuses!  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Medal of Honor: Warfighter in our forums.

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