Black Ops 2 E3 Interview – Jay Puryear of Treyarch

 Black Ops 2 E3 Interview – Jay Puryear of Treyarch

One of the main attractions at the Activision booth was obviously Call of Duty Black Ops 2, with their main theater taking up most of their booth as it showcased some video from the game. Now behind closed doors there was more to be seen, but I wasn’t allowed to film. Good news is that after the demo I caught up with Jay Puryear of Treyarch to discuss some of the balances that would be coming to the game in the form of weapons in single player and multiplayer and also the new game mode Strike Force. Below is the interview along with some quick glimpses of Strike Force in the video.

Jay Puryear of Treyarch

Let us know what you think about all the new features of Strike Force in the comments below and what more information you would like to learn about it. There is still tons of information to be released, especially around multiplayer so we will keep an eye out and make sure to report it to you.

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