Ghost Recon Future Soldier Cloud Update

 Ghost Recon Future Soldier Cloud Update

Ghost Recon Future Soldier players will be receiving an update today as Ubisoft rolls out a cloud update. There will be no prompt to the update like a traditional Xbox Live title update, but this is something that is being adjusted through the servers when players connect. Below is the full details of the update and the expected times for the roll out.

On June 14th at 4 pm UTC*, we will release a new update for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. This Cloud Update will include the following changes:

Adjusted AK-47 Recoil/Firepower;
Increased Rate of Recovery on low rate of Fire LMGs;
Decreased Recoil and Firepower of Sniper Rifles, increased dispersion in Aim;
Modified Ammo Counts for Extended Mag/Drum Magazine (AK-200);
Amended description of FN Five SeveN in Gunsmith.

Increased the values of XP for Challenges;
Increased the Radius for XP Bonus for using Equipment near Objective.

Moved several objective locations (Mill, Sandstorm);
Fixed several map exploits.

A fix to address the progression loss issues some might have faced is scheduled to go live during an extended maintenance period, tomorrow at 10:00 UTC.

Along with the above changes, we addressed an issue that prevented some Ghost Recon Network users from connecting. We will continue to introduce modifications to improve the online stability.

As with any Cloud Update, you won’t have to download anything on your console: the changes are transparent and happen in the background. There will be a 30 minutes downtime of the servers to release the update – see below.

(*) Worldwide Schedule / Time Zone information
· PDT: Thursday June 14th at 8 am ~ 8.30 am
· EDT: Thursday June 14th at 12:00 ~ 12:30
· BST: Thursday June 14th at 5 pm ~ 5.30 pm
· CET: Thursday June 14th at 6 pm ~ 6.30 pm
· Sydney: Thursday June 15th at 2 am ~ 2.30 am

With the update coming today, let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below or join your fellow Ghosts in the forums!

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