Deus Ex: Human Revolution On Sale for $20 Today

 Deus Ex: Human Revolution On Sale for $20 Today

While we all love video games, sometimes it’s just too hard to be able to afford them all.  While we don’t have a cheat code to get you every single game that you want, we do happen to have a great sale for you today.

Amazon is hosting a great sale today for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, selling it for $20 on the Xbox 360 today.  For Playstation 3 fans, it’s only $23.99 and PC gamers can get it for a steal at $14.99.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution released last August to much critical acclaim.  RPG fans, especially those who love stealth, fell in love with the game soon after it released.  The open-world and augmentation abilities have kept the game in a high-praise mentality for most gamers.

What do you think about Amazon’s sale? Are you planning on picking up Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $20?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Deus Ex: Human Revolution in our forums.

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