Darksiders III Unlikely as Vigil’s Next Game

 Darksiders III Unlikely as Vigil’s Next Game

Change is not only warranted, but necessary for THQ. Newly appointed president Jason Rubin entered the company at a very crucial time, as both finances and strong IPs aren’t exactly abundant at the studio.

Darksiders is slowly shaping up to be one of THQ’s key franchises, but according to Rubin in a recent interview with The Verge, developer Vigil Games may not begin work on a third title quite yet.

Darksiders II is very interesting but I think I can get that team to make other very interesting games,” he said.

The franchise is seemingly set up for four games; each experience following a different horseman. Yet, after Darksiders II releases on August 14, we may not see the property move forward.

Would you like Vigil to work on a new franchise? Are you interested in Darksiders II to begin with? Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below, or discuss Darksiders II in our forums.

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