Screenshots & Gameplay Go Live for Beyond: Two Souls

During the Sony E3 press briefing, Beyond: Two Souls absolutely shocked all that were watching.  While we had announced that Beyond was going to be shown before the show, most individuals weren’t expecting what was actually shown.

Beyond: Two Souls comes from Quantic Dream, developer of the popular PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain.  Think the main character above this post looks familiar? That’s because she should.  Ellen Paige stars in Beyond: Two Souls, and the trailer does nothing but impress.

The trailer, shown below, starts off with Ellen Page sitting in the office of a policeman.  As the police offer begins asking her questions after finding her on the road, Ellen’s character doesn’t do much talking at all.  Rather than spoil the rest of the trailer for you, we highly recommend you experience it for yourself.

Continue viewing below for the first trailer on Beyond: Two Souls.

What do you think about the very first trailer for Beyond: Two Souls?  Out of the screenshots we included, which one is your favorite and why?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Beyond: Two Souls in our forums.

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