Rumor: New Prince of Persia Title in Development


What does Ubisoft have in store for its fans at this year’s E3? According to a post over at NeoGAF, the announcement of a new Prince of Persia game may shock the crowd.

A few screens have appeared online that hint at what looks like a return for the Prince, but just like all of the rumors swirling around right now, nothing has been confirmed. What can be deciphered from the above image is a bald man with a bow, which is already quite a departure from the flowing locks and dagger we’ve gotten used to. There is still a possibility this could be the rumored Assassin’s Creed Vita title supposedly coming out sometime this year, too, or even a brand new IP with a unique hero.

What do you think this game is? Would you like to see a new Prince of Persia game release this generation? Let us know what you think of the screens in the comments below.

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