Robotoki’s first game titled Human Element

 Robotoki’s first game titled Human Element

GameInformer today has some great information about the next steps for the newly founded game company Robotoki which is founded by former creative strategist of Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling. Right now details are a little light, but will be revealed in the upcoming July issue. Right now it seems that the game will be a survival zombie based game with multiple characters to choose such as Action, Intelligence, and Stealth. There is also the ability to choose the identities that will go along with these characters and they are: Survive Alone, Survive with a Partner, and Survive with a Young Child.


So let us know what you think of this announcement of a new survival zombie based game coming from Robotoki and possibly one of the first games that will be featured on the next generation consoles and devices. Leave a comment below or start your speculations on what else could be possible for this new game in the forums!

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