StarForge Combines Halo and Minecraft, Alpha Available Now for Download

 StarForge Combines Halo and Minecraft, Alpha Available Now for Download

What’s the one thing that’s always been missing from the phenomenon that is Minecraft? If the first thing that popped into your head was guns, don’t waste any time – download StarForge right now.

It may be in a very early state, but the fine folks over at CodeHatch are working hard to bring StarForge to the public’s eye. This free-to-play title gives players the absolute freedom to explore every inch of not just a single planet, but the depths of space. If you’d like, you can build a tower that stretches beyond the clouds and into the stars, or dig deep into the center of the planet. The boundless experience expands on the digging and construction mechanics done so expertly in Minecraft, but also manages to add physics-simulated movement, guns, aliens,vehicles and laser turrets. Not too shabby for a team of two dudes.

A survival mode is available, but the much more interesting “Fort Wars” game is being worked on now. As a team-based addition, Fort Wars will task players to destroy another team’s vats by any means necessary. Tunneling is one option, but bursting through the opposing team’s defense may be a better move. It’s an ambitious mode, and one to look out for as the alpha continues to grow.

[youtube id=”YxBSYit49c8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Let me say this this again: StarForge is free. There are no caveats here, and while the site is currently down due to a huge amount of traffic, our friends over at Shacknews have provided an alternate link to download the game from. It may be rough now, but the potential here is absolutely astounding.

Are you excited for StarForge? Is this the next big thing for fans of Minecraft? Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below.

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