Aliens Colonial Marines Collector Edition Announced

 Aliens Colonial Marines Collector Edition Announced

Today Gearbox software has announced that Aliens Colonial Marines will be getting the collector edition treatment. Inside the bundle is a great deal of physical and in game items that Alien fans will want to attach themselves to like a facehugger. Take a look at all that is included in the collector edition.

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The collector edition includes the following:

  • Powerloader figure
  • Collector edition Xend Hive box
  • USCM Dossier
  • Four playable movie characters
  • Ripley’s Flamethrower
  • USCM Academy Firing Range
  • Phase Plasma Rifle
  • Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers

Let us know what you think of this collector’s edition for Aliens Colonial Marines in the comments below or start a chat in the forums about your love or hate for Xenomorphs!

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