New Screenshots Released for Metro: Last Light

There’s a slew of titles launching in 2012, but it’s hard to not look ahead at 2013.  While a rather large amount of games have been pushed to early 2013, one of the most anticipated titles for that year will definitely be Metro: Last Light.

The first title in the series, Metro 2033, had a great story but ultimately didn’t capitalize on all of the gameplay mechanics.  As more information and footage is revealed of Metro: Last Light, it’s easy to see that 4A Games is hard at work at righting all of the those gamers found in the first entry.

Today, we’re bringing you five new screenshots for Metro: Last Light and they do not disappoint.  We’re assuming that these screenshots are from a high-end PC build as they’re rather gorgeous.

Continue viewing below for the latest screenshots for Metro: Last Light.

What do you think about the latest screenshots for Metro: Last Light?  Where does the title rank on your most wanted games for 2013?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Metro: Last Light in our forums.

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