Rumor: Bungie’s Next Game Releases in 2013

 Rumor: Bungie’s Next Game Releases in 2013

Bungie studios, who are well known for the Halo franchise have been secretly toiling away working on a new IP and have signed a contract with Activision publishing to produce the next four games. Today, as part of an unexpected move the LA Times have put the contract that was signed between both companies online for viewing with some very interesting details. Included in the contract are release schedules, dlc plans, platforms and right now the code name of the games series “Destiny”, which is described as a massively multiplayer style sci-fantasy action-shooter. There are 27 pages to go through in the contract that might reveal more, but it seems that Xbox 360 owners might be getting a timed exclusive to the next game.

The full contract, for those of you who would like to know every detail and legal wording within the contract can be viewed here.

With the biggest industry event happening in two weeks in Los Angeles, E3 should have some great surprises in store all around. Let us know what you think of this rumor in the comments below or in the forums!

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