Two More Kickstarter Projects Find Success, Complete Campaigns

 Two More Kickstarter Projects Find Success, Complete Campaigns

The Kickstarter gravy train keeps on chugging, as two more high-profile games have just concluded their expeditions. Crate Entertainment’s Grim Dawn and Jane Jensen’s Moebius are now fully funded, ending their respective runs with a great deal more cash than asked for.

Grim Dawn will be running on the Titan Quest engine and, like the action RPG it mirrors, will focus on fast-paced action and almost endless loot. Since publishers had little interest in a sequel to the cult hit Titan Quest, a few of the minds behind the original project moved to Kickstater to see if fans had the drive to fund a new adventure with a similar feel. With a total of $537,515 pledged of the $280,000 goal, it’s safe to say that PC gamers want more loot. Crate Entertainment has been working on Grim Dawn for two years now, so it shouldn’t be too long before those who pledged get the final product.

Moebius is the second project to hit its goal, and it’s being developed by Gabriel Knight visionary Jane Jensen. The final tally stands at $435,316 for this adventure title, smashing its $300,000 goal. It’s yet another adventure game to flourish on the website, not long after the completion of Double Fine’s historic campaign.

Did you fund either of these titles? Are you sick of hearing about Kickstater yet? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Kickstarter in our forums.

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