Capcom Rethinking On-Disc DLC

 Capcom Rethinking On-Disc DLC

DLC has been a divisive topic this generation, and Capcom’s been singled out for handling additional content in one of the most controversial fashions. Fans have voiced their concerns about on-disc DLC, and Senior vice president Christian Svensson has confirmed that the company is taking feedback into account.

“We would like to assure you that we have been listening to your comments and as such have begun the process of re-evaluating how such additional game content is delivered in the future,” Svensson wrote on Capcom Unity’s forums.

This style of DLC won’t be around for much longer, but certain titles currently in development will ship with the extra content on the disc.  Dragon’s Dogma is one of those games, as the decisions were made very early in the development process.

“As this process has only just commenced in the past month or so, there will be some titles, where development began some time ago and that are scheduled for release in the coming months, for which we are unable to make changes to the way some of their post release content is delivered,” he said.

Does the DLC in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter x Tekken, or Asura’s Wrath bother you? Are you happy to see this company listening to its fans? Let us know in the comments below, or discuss Capcom in our forums.

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