Battlefield 3 to Receive Double XP This Weekend

 Battlefield 3 to Receive Double XP This Weekend

For Battlefield 3, a new kind of weekend event is set to hit the title.  This weekend, gamers on Battlefield 3 will be able to earn double XP in their multiplayer matches.

It’s a little different from what fans of the first-person genre may have grown accustomed to, however.  Instead of the event starting today and rolling through early Monday morning, it’ll be receiving a slightly different timeframe.  EA has stated that the double XP weekend will start May 12th at 3:01 AM and last through May 14th at 3:01 AM.

While we’re happy to see EA adopt the philosophy of double XP weekends, we would have opted for a time running from early Friday through the early hours of Monday morning.  However, it’s a great chance for Battlefield 3 fans to climb through a few extra ranks during their weekend.

What do you think about the Battlefield 3 double XP weekend?  If you’re planning on participating, what rank do you hope to achieve?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Battlefield 3 in our forums.

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