Grab Minecraft for $15 at Best Buy Today

 Grab Minecraft for $15 at Best Buy Today

Today, Minecraft will officially have the chance to grace your Xbox 360.  While it’s priced at 1600 Microsoft Points or $20, there’s actually a deal available to save you $5.

If you head on over to the Best Buy website, you’ll see that Minecraft is selling for only $15.  Best part yet? It’s a digital download.  You’ll be able to buy it from the website and have a redemption code sent to the e-mail of your choice.  Even if you’ve already purchased the game, it’s the perfect way to gift it for a friend.

We’re not entirely sure how long this mistake will stay on Best Buy’s website, so we would recommend taking advantage of it sooner rather than later.  A huge thanks goes out to the CAG forums for bringing this deal to our attention.

What do you think about Minecraft on the Xbox 360?  Are you planning on picking it up today thanks to this deal?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Minecraft in our forums.

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