Rumor: Dead Space 3 Features Co-op, Fighting Humans

 Rumor: Dead Space 3 Features Co-op, Fighting Humans

After EA confirmed a new Dead Space title within the next 12 months during a financial call yesterday, a rumor has surfaced claiming to have details for Dead Space 3.  Isaac Clarke is said to return, but he’ll have a co-op partner along with numerous changes to key components to the series.

IGN is rumoring Dead Space 3 to have drop-in/drop-out cooperative play this time around.  The mode is said to mirror the singleplayer campaign, with the second player dawning a man with a scar on his face.  Sharing ammo and healing your partner are all part of the game this time around.

We’ve included snippets of the article below that reference changes to the formula of the title.  One of the most notable pieces you’ll see in the rumors below are that Isaac will fight both necromorphs and humans this time around.  The first and second title in the Dead Space series have had Isaac only fighting necromorphs.

The cooperative mode mirrors the single-player campaign, but Isaac’s story changes to accommodate it. At one point in Dead Space 3, Isaac and his counterpart stumble, wounded, bloody, and missing chunks of armor, out of burnt wreckage together. In single-player, the same scene happens without the other character. While Isaac may have a psychological breakdown and experience hallucinations on his own, certain traumatic events don’t occur with someone by his side.

Players will also work together to interact with pieces of the environment. In addition, you’ll be able to share ammo with and heal your co-op partner, although there is no revive system — once someone’s down and dead, both players reload the last checkpoint.

Alternate-fire in Dead Space 3 functions much differently than before, possibly because the workbench, where players previously upgraded weapon power, reload speed, and capacity, has changed. The Plasma Cutter, whose default horizontal shot changed to vertical, is an entirely different weapon now. Its alt-fire mode now has a similar knockback effect to the Force Gun. The Pulse Rifle features the saw-blades as a secondary firing mode. It’s possible this is the default loadout for the weapon, but it could also point to customization weapon combinations within the new workbench.

Isaac’s armor in Dead Space 3 reflects the slender, angular design of his Dead Space 2 RIG, which is reflected in his co-op partner as well. Crouching is one of Isaac’s most notable new abilities, and it functions as his means of cover as he hides behind small objects. The left/right evasive roll is unquestionably the most significant change we know of in his new skill set. It appears Isaac is more nimble out in the cold.

Telekinesis functions in a more complex manner, as you’ll be capable of rotating items rather than just holding them, which plays into Dead Space 3’s puzzles.

Clarke is, of course, still struggling with his psyche, and experiences hallucinations of monsters.

Although Isaac encounters taller versions of Dead Space 2’s childlike “Pack” enemies or a set of legs with tentacles in place of its torso, Necromorphs aren’t the only enemy Isaac fights on the ice world. For the first time in the franchise, he’ll fight human beings. Heavily armored soldiers pack guns and grenades to use against you. Of course, these guys become Necromorphs as well.

As he makes his way through open, icy areas, steel walls sometimes form around Isaac, and enemies attack from various angles. A spinning drill, like a lethal top, may also make its way onto the playing field, slicing players to pieces if they come in contact with the always-moving object.

One of the more spectacular encounters features Isaac shooting a spider-like creature in its orange-tinted weak spot, as well as shooting arms and protruding sacs. This big thing will eat Isaac whole if he gets too close, so he’s forced to run around the arena and attack from a distance. It may also make multiple appearances — it disappears into a cavern once it’s taken enough of a beating.

There’s a wealth of rumored details here, and fans of the series may not welcome all of them.  We’re anxious to try out the ice environment, but some of the changes seem to actually touch on the “formula” that has made Dead Space different.

What do you think about the rumored details and features for Dead Space 3?  What do you personally hope to see out of the next Dead Space title?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Dead Space 3 in our forums.

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